(1) The lap height of the end of the transshipment machine and the belt conveyor is not enough, or the buffer roller of the tail end loses its elasticity, and large pieces of material fall from the transputer, forming a large impact force and breaking the upper cover of the conveyor belt. , even breaking the core, forming a hole. Especially when the material is entrained with sharp objects, such as scrapers, etc., it is easy to scratch the conveyor belt, causing longitudinal tearing of the conveyor belt.

(2) Wear with edges. The main reason is that due to the deviation of the conveyor belt, friction between the conveyor belt and the rack is caused, and cracks are generated at the belt edges. The belt edge is most easily damaged because it is small and does not wear. After the belt is worn out, the water is immersed in the damaged area. As time passes, the canvas layer will gradually rot.

(3) The conveyor belt does not meet the requirements. If the joints are uneven and uneven, the conveyor belt is unevenly distributed and ruptured.

(4) The conveyor belt is of poor quality or improper use. For example, the conveyor belts used on the ground are exposed to the sun in summer for a long time, and the surface water in the winter conveyor belts causes the conveyor belt to harden and age prematurely. In addition, due to the excessive tension of the conveyor belt or the short distance of the conveyor belt during use, the number of flexing exceeds the limit value, and it is also easy to cause premature aging and damage of the conveyor belt.

Conveyor belt joints and repair

Conveyor belt is the core of the belt conveyor machine, no matter how good the belt conveyor, if the conveyor belt connection is not good, and the conveyor belt damage, will seriously affect the customer experience. Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of conveyor joints and repair vulcanizing machine, with more than 20 years of production experience, the products throughout the country’s major mining companies and overseas. And get the praise from all the clients.

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