Why conveyor belt joint craze fracture

Along with the conveyor belt in the industrial production in the more and more important position,conveyor belt joint becomes a new subject, now general conveyor belt joint is divided into two large: cold joint and thermal coupling. Why conveyor belt joint out easy fracture?

The strength of the conveyor belt layup than normal with the strength of the body to low. General use mechanical way connection, joint strength can only achieve belt body strength forty – 50%, cold glue way quality is better, the joint strength can reach the sixty – 70%, and hot glue joint strength can reach 80-90% (joint method is correct, no quality defects). Due to the joint parts of the strength is lower, if glue joint method is not correct, the strength of the joint will be more low, such as operation, grinding and hurt when the next layer cloth, grinding excessive, lap length is not enough, the number of steps, not glue joint used rubber performance is or has been since the sulfur failure, wire rope, wire rope grinding excessive rust, etc., the strength of the joint parts will be greatly discounted, when use, is easy to appear the joint part off phenomenon. In addition, the conveyor belt if you don’t use sealing glue, or glue joint is going in the wrong direction, joint parts prone to cracking (surface glue parts).
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