Hot vulcanization of steel wire rope conveyor belt

Ordinary, heat-resistant (high temperature), acid and alkali resistant, oil resistant, cold resistant, wear resistant, flame retardant cotton canvas for different properties of commonly (CC), nylon (NN) conveyor belt, polyester (EP) flat and large Angle gear sideband, decorative pattern, such as conveyor belt. And the roller, roller, stents, such as electric roller conveyor accessories. The transmission roller; Redirection roller; Electric drum; Magnetic drum magnetic pulley (); Roller; Stent; Lifting lugs; Tensioning device; Sweeper; Coupling, such as TD75 conveyor machinery and more than 200 kinds of products.
Below to introduce you to the steel cord conveyor belt vulcanizing.
Steel wire rope conveyor belt heat vulcanization joint has the following specific procedures:
1. The tape length is good, first tensioning device is located in the smallest location, and then tape began to peel. Joint Angle of 16.7 degrees, 45 degrees of change to the wire position with a knife. Both sides to remove edge glue, exposed steel wire. From the bottom to cover gum, width is 300 mm or so.
2. Use a knife knife, under strip rope at the Angle of 30-45 degrees, carved to the steel wire rope of the groove line.
3. Use hand saw and knife cut down the end cover rubber strip.
4. Part of the
 cover rubber stripping, use fixture clamping strip away end part, with the help of a draw hook accelerate stripping with degrees.
5. In the process of strip rope, it is strictly prohibited to water, oil and other dirt drops in the strip off the cable.
6. Glue strip line such as meet the original belt core and adhesion is not good, the wire rope should be joint parts glued to bad core adhesive peel off completely.
7. Using a machine to grinding groove in MAO, as well as the groove adjacent to burnish the 30 mm belt, and be careful not to play.
8. The cutting gum: in accordance with the requirements of size and cutting core cover glue and adhesive glue.
9. Film composite: the core and cover with mucilage glue surface cleaning, dry after put the two pieces of cleaned surface is relatively complex.
10. The joint equidistant flat vulcanizer four foundation beam, width is equal to or less than the board width, is put at the bottom of beam end press vulcanizer strewn at random place each Angle of 70 degrees.
11. Put the board on the beam, and then placed on the board insulation board, then heating plate is placed on the insulation board, finally the heating plate placed on the plate.
12. If use many sets of vulcanization vulcanizing machine, should be in the heating plate juncture place 200 x 0.8 copper or iron.
13. According to the center of cross the center line of the good in advance, and straighten brought two end, fixed flat.
14. From the center to both sides, insert the wire rope each lap, lap and butt end with vulcanized rubber core filler, will head fixed LaoShi wire rope, wire rope must be perfectly aligned straight, avoid the incorrect way of lap.
15. In the process of various adhesive, rolling or other with a hand pressing LaoShi adequately.
16. According to the size of the original belt joint parts of raw rubber to nap.
17. Must use the lap belt on both sides of the edge of the wire rope.
18. Put it in the wire rope on both sides of the glue, if with lateral reinforcement, on core glue after laying transverse reinforcement in the upper berth 1 mm thick core adhesive glue (glue), finally cover the glue on the shop, the conveyor belt thickness not less than the original thickness.
Check before 19. Vulcanization joint surface is flat, nuclear, width to thickness, article correct selection mode (mode of thicker than the tape width thin 1-2 mm).
20. Check the connector on the sulfide board’s position, the heating plate vertically on each side should be the connection parts of at least 150 mm long, lateral each side should be by losing to bring at least 50 mm wide.
21. On to curing tape placed on the plate, and then to place the heating plate, the heat shield on the shop.
22. Vulcanization pressure of 1.5-1.5 MPa, began to 0.5 MPa pressure, as the heating plate temperature rises, the pressure is also gradually rise, the temperature of 50
, pressure is 0.5 MPa. When the temperature is 80 , pressure is 0.75 MPa, the temperature is 100 . Given the rated pressure of 1.5 MPa, when up to 145 , start the time constant temperature, constant temperature in the process of pressure must be kept above 1.5 MPa, when, at any time off pressure fill pressure at any time. Pressure should be brought to sulfur after time, LengMo below 70 , open before removing the hydraulic vulcanizing machine, remove the tape.
23. The concentricity of inspection: the tape after the connection, the center of the two conveyor belt should be in the same line.


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