Recently, Wuxi Fuda, as a major supplier of conveyor belt vulcanizing machines for coal mines in China, has obtained continuous certification of coal mine safety for various conveyor belt joint machines and repair machines. This is an affirmation of the production strength of Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. At the same time, it has provided strong protection for its products to enter the coal field.

What is coal safety certification? In 2007, China’s State Economic and Trade Commission and the Coal Mine Safety Supervision Bureau implemented a safety production certification system for coal mining equipment, instruments, meters, and other facilities, effectively preventing the entry of counterfeit and inferior products into the underground, so in the Chinese coal mine safety technology system, the mining equipment Certification is an effective way to ensure the safety of coal mines. Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. obtained the continuation certification this time, indicating that the conveyor belt splicing machine produced by Wuxi Fuda has been recognized by the country in terms of quality and safety.

anti-explosion-vulcanizing-machine coal-mine-safety-certification-for-vulcanizing-machine

Manufacturer applying for coal safety certification must meet the following conditions:

1 The business license issued by the administrative department for industry and commerce;

2 There are registered capital, production scale, business location, and technical strength that are compatible with the production of mining products;

3 main managers should understand the relevant regulations of coal mine safety;

4 production equipment with guaranteed product quality;

5 There are inspection and testing methods to meet the requirements of product safety performance:

6 The production process is advanced, reasonable and reliable;

7 has a complete and effective quality assurance system;

8 have finished product production (assembly) and factory inspection conditions;


On March 25, according to the relevant regulations of China, the National Standard Center for Safety and the provincial coal safety production management department jointly formed an expert group to conduct safety certification for the conveyor belt hot press machine produced by Wuxi Fuda. The experts conducted a thorough review of the 13 major items of Wuxi Fuda’s management system, technical document management, procurement, inspection and testing, and product consistency, etc., in accordance with the requirements of the on-site review rules for mine product safety signs, and randomly placed conveyor belt vulcanizers on the spot. sampling. Through careful and meticulous review, the expert group unanimously agreed that Wuxi FUda’s qualifications meet the requirements, the technical documents are accurate, and the quality management system is operating effectively, which meets the requirements for continuous and stable product quality standards.

anti-explosion-control-box coal-mine-safety-certification-for-control-box

Conveyor belt joints and repair

Conveyor belt is the core of the belt conveyor machine, no matter how good the belt conveyor, if the conveyor belt connection is not good, and the conveyor belt damage, will seriously affect the customer experience. Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd. specializing in the production of conveyor joints and repair vulcanizing machine, with more than 20 years of production experience, the products throughout the country’s major mining companies and overseas. And get the praise from all the clients.

For conveyor belt joints and repair equipment, please find Wuxi Fuda Vulcanizer Manufacturing Co., Ltd.

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