Q & A


  1. Q: Are you factory, distributor or trade company?

     A: We’re 100% factory established in 2001.

  2. Q: What kind of machine are you producing?

     A: As a 100% factory, we only produce hot vulcanizing machines, accessories, tools for conveyor belt.

  3. Q: Did you sell abroad before?

     A: Yes we exported many machines before, but mostly via trade companies.

  4. Q: Why didn’t you export the machines by yourselves ?

     A: We focused on domestic market before and succeed, many coal mines in China use our machines because we have professional certificates and get the government approval. So we didn’t pay much attention to the foreign business.

  5. Q: Why now you pay attention to the export business?

     A: These years in China the coal mines business is not good, although it doesn’t affect our current business very much, we need to be prepared for danger in times of safety.

  6. Q: What’s your advantage for export business?

     A: We have many years experience in this area and our machines are produced by strict requirement. You know it’s very difficult to get the government approval in China, especially in the area of mine safety. And on the other hand, as pure factory we sell the machines at best price.

  7. Q: What service will be provided if we bought your machines?

     A: We have some distributors in Saudi Arabia, India, Pakistan, Russia and so on, we can provide you the on-site guidance service if you need. We provide some free spare accessories, and any part or component get damaged (non-artifical reason) during the warranty period, can be replaced or repaired by free.

  8. Q: Is there any discount?

     A: Normally the price we offer is the bottom price, but we can consider the current material cost, exchange rate and your order quantity to give you some discount.

  9. Q: How to be your distributor?

     A: We welcome you to be our distributor! And we just need you to sign guarantee letter with us.

  10. Q: Would you do OEM service, such as producing customized machine and branding logo?

     A: Yes of course it’s no problem. We cooperate with top 10 machine design labs and belt factories in China, so we can change or design the machines according to our clients’ different requirements.