More recent domestic and foreign customers inquiry, but many of our clients when we need to providea conveyor belt specifications are not clearly written, or write detailed, specific. Today I come and tell you that the specifications of the conveyor belt, I hope everyone to be able to provide more regular with my parameters, which is more convenient, offer faster.

Ordinary the conveyor old specifications representation based on the width (mm), skeletonlayers, the upper and lower plastic cover thickness (mm) and length (m) 5 digits represented. Such as:500 * 5 * 3 * 2.5 * 100 represents the width to 500mm, 5 layers of polythene plastic cover on thethickness of 3 mm, under the plastic cover thickness of 2.5 mm, a length of 100m conveyor belt.

General production commonly used 500mm * 5P (2.5) * 100 said. Ordinary conveyor belt specifications notation is based on a longitudinal full-thickness tensile strength (kN / mm), which means that the general purpose of the letter G, the tape width (mm), covering the the layerperformance level code (L for light, H is heavy, M ordinary), the upper and lower plastic coverthickness (mm). Such as an endless belt, including tape within the perimeter (m) In addition, it is necessary when there is said with a core material and layers. : Specifications for 500GB800L3/1.5-30 (NN3) of the conveyor belt, which means that the longitudinal fullthickness tensile strength500kN/mm, general-purpose, tape width 800mm overlay performance level for light, under the plastic cover thickness 3mm and 1.5mm. String Movement annular inner perimeter of 30m, with a core materialis nylon, with three layers of fabric.


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